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Service Center

Manage Maintenance with Ease


fame Service Center is most suitable for retailers who sell equipments which demands post sales servicing (white goods, industrial equipment dealers etc). This is a full fledged automated module that caters to all the aspects of servicing and direct sales of spare parts / equipment. From work order creation till completion, it allows for tracking and automating every aspect of your service department making your company more productive and profitable.

Manages service scheduling, job orders, equipment histories, warranty claims, sales of spare parts and full life cycle of repair from equipment back to customer. Along with management it also provides profit and statistical analysis of every service activity by different types of work reports.

fame Service Center has four distinct integrated functional areas – front office management (complaint registration, complaint query, job order generation), service management (field service, workshop service), store management (spares issue & receipt, material inventory, dispatches) & billing (billing job order, spare counter sales). The module comes in two flavors – Standard & Premium and is built on Microsoft.NET platform using in-house developed Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool which allows for quick customisation, implementation & third party integration.


Maintenance Jobs and Costing

Maintenance Calendar

Equipment Complaints Loggingz

Spare Parts & Vendor Management

Revenue Generation from Maintenance and Rentals

Technician Allocation and Monitoring

SMS/Email Notifications on Work Completion

Browser based reporting

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