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Enhance Restaurant Efficiency


The challenge in managing today’s hospitality business environment is gaining access to the information you need to make effective business decisions. Moreover, Hospitality industry’s growth and sustenance depends predominantly on the quality of the people in their team. When you empower your people with the right tools and technology, they provide superior service and help drive innovation which in turn, brings about more efficient operations.

fame Hospitality offers a comprehensive solution to enable hospitality companies to connect with guests anytime and anywhere and empowers employees with the right tools enabling hospitality companies to leverage trends and data for a great share of guest wallet, target marketing and promotions for a higher response rate and increased revenue generation.

Our solution provides hospitality companies with a true competitive advantage to manage guest preferences and to optimize guest interactions contributing to the bottom-line benefits. fame solution is the answer to hospitality industry’s need for a completely integrated, cost-effective, enterprise level system that will give any hotel, resort or restaurant total operational control. We understand that a more efficient operation means a more profitable business for you. Apart from state-of-the-art touch screen based Front Office operations (POS), fame Hospitality comprises of the following tightly integrated modules: