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fame CRM gives your company the competitive edge it needs with a flexible and effective Customer Relationship Management solution. The Software provides the link you need to easily access all your business information and is designed to improve human interactions in a business environment that enable organizations to manage, coordinate and synchronize all customer touch points. It is a secure application that can be customized to your exact needs.

fame CRM is a powerful customer relationship management tool that enables you to manage your sales pipeline, prospect communications, marketing campaigns, tracking and much more. It guides in building a profitable & sustainable practice based on customer relationships and assists in getting new customers and retaining the current and the future ones by sending targeted marketing campaigns based on custom filters to your customers to drive repeat business.

Automate all critical business information, increase productivity and reduce costs to develop effective sales, marketing and customer service strategies. fame CRM has the reputation for embracing the vision of every client and is determined to help you maintain a competitive edge and get you to your next level faster.

This powerful, simple & easy to use module comes in two flavors – Standard & Premium. It is built on Microsoft.NET platform using in-house developed Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool which allows for quick customization.


Integration with Point-of-Sale

Categorization of Loyalty Customers

Supplementary Cards can be issued to Loyalty Customers

Define Loyalty Schemes for different periods in advance

Assign Loyalty Points for a product or products under a Category

Points gained by Supplementary Card Holders will be accumulated in thePrimary Card Holder’s account

Periodic issue of Gift Vouchers on accumulation of pre-defined number of Loyalty points

Redemption of Gift Vouchers

Define Special Bonus Schemes for specified Category of Products/ on acquiringspecified Loyalty points during a period of time

Communicate with clients regularly for sending Customer statement, Anniversary wishes, on special occasions and Sales promotion Schemes

Remote processing

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