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Sales & Receivables

Comprehensive Order Processing


Sales & Receivables enables you to streamline your accounts receivable processes to accelerate collections, reduce credit risk, resolve exceptions quickly and ultimately decrease your cost of working capital.

Integrated Credit and Collection Management
By integrating credit and collection management into the receivables process, you can manage customer account balances consistently and automatically. Automated credit card commission and bank posting from credit card transactions integrated with POS.

Deduction and Exception Processing
Instant and cost effective exception processing using deduction and dispute management.

Streamlined sales processing
Automated sales posting and cost of sales posting from integrated modules.

Customised transactions
Customise order entry to your specific needs with customisable order defaults, price overriding, special instructions and control at line item level, periodic/seasonal prices, price schemes, promotion prices.

Instant information availability
Complete customer profile readily available to all sales personnel with security control. Also locate quantity ordered, previously invoiced, cancelled and allocated information about an item

Monitor sales cycle process
Supervise and manage your entire sales cycle from presales activities, complex pricing schemes, order phase to distribution and post sales activities.


Support Simple or Expanded Sales Flow

Credit Limit / Period Controls

Enhanced Sales Collection Flow

Handle Complete Delivery Cycle

Multi Currency Sales Support

Seasonal / Customer based Price List

Online Stock Availability Checking

Billwise/Invoice wise offline/online setoff

Sales History and Comparison Reports

Flexible Multi Period Customer Ageing

Overdue Reminders and eStatements

Strong Decision Supporting MIS

Track Warranty & Serials

Customer Contact Management

  • Pricelist Master

    Sales Order Scheduling