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Restaurant POS

Enhance Restaurant Efficiency


fame F&B POS is a functionally rich restaurant Point-of-Sale software designed for quick service in fast food outlets, for customer care in fine dining and for flexibility in food courts & industrial catering. With its simple and intuitive user interface, customizable features, speed and reliability and detailed business reporting, the software is the premiere solution for fine dining, fast food, take-away, bar and lounge establishments.

fame F&B POS understands the high-maintenance food service environment and focuses on service speed, detail and consistency. Featuring functionality for both front-of-the-house POS stations and back-of-the-house Control Center, this innovative technology allows you to create standards, objectives and synergy among staff without distracting you from running your business. Whether you're running single or multiple locations, fame promises remarkable integrity and efficiency. Security, reliability, and ease of operation are engineered right into the application.

This comprehensive F&B Point-of-Sale system is designed on Microsoft.NET platform and can be easily customized using in-house developed Rapid Application Development (RAD) Tool . The software comes in two flavors – Standard & Premium.


Touch Screen Floor Plan View

Multi Outlet/Concept Control

Recipe Management & Inventory Integration

Dine In/Takeaway & Delivery Options

Integration with CRM & Membership Management

Member Credit/Deposit Accounts

Multi Kitchen Support

Bill Splitting, Multi Payment options

Extendable PDA Order Facility

Controlled Collection Management

Mobile Counters & Shelter Support

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    Restaurant POS