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Purchase & Payables

End-to-End Procure-to-Pay Integration


Purchase offers complete procure-to-pay automation enabling customers to automate the entire procure-to-pay cycle, manages policy exceptions, allows electronic transaction with suppliers, improve supply base management, adapts to any purchasing practices and efficiently manages disbursements while keeping strong controls over matching, approval processes and payments.

Streamlined transaction
From invoice to payment, easily manage every transaction processing and maintain vendor relationships. Simple interface for supplier categorisation with multiple contact details.

Extensive vendor maintenance
Tracks information vital to vendor management, handles supplier relations efficiently with spend management solution.

Excellent inquiry and analytical capabilities
Obtain detailed analysis of previous financial plans, potential demand. Assess your suppliers based on user-defined parameters and rate them to determine resourceful source.

Rationalised forecasts
Plan for possible requirements of raw materials/trading materials using various intuitive forecasts to decide future production/purchase strategies.

Efficient Mapping
Centralize supplier information with vendor master, item master, and item/supplier relationships and map purchase order line numbers to line items automatically to expedite purchase orders.

Easy tracking
Track return of defective items or return of excess materials.

Record maintenance
Record the receipt of goods and manage subsequent activities like goods return, warranty claims and so on.

Effective compliance control
Manage compliance control over regulatory measures with compliance management.


Handle Foreign and Local Purchases

Simple or Detailed Work Flow

Distributed or Centralized Purchase

Automated/Manual Re-ordering Cycle

Quotation Comparisons & Supplier Evaluations

e-PO for direct mailing

Manual or Automated Store Receiving

Volume or Value based Landed Cost Calculation

Project/Stock Purchases

Discrepancies Handling and Tracking Orders

Payables Limits Tracking & Ageing

Support Consignment Based Purchases

Payment Processing and Multiple Payment Options

  • Purchase Order Processing

    Outstanding Orders