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Maximize Production Efficiency


Production caters to complete manufacturing process covering both make-to-order and make-to-stock with effective material and resource management. Production Planning & control optimises the utilisation of manufacturing capacity, parts, components, material resources using historical production data and sales forecasting. Planning right from sales till production will be available to the management on a click of a button.

Easily calculate actual job costs for materials, labor, machine, purchases and overhead. Also comprises forecasting based on weighted average, single or multi stage production planning, inventory & material planning, capacity planning and so on. The problems created by time lag, manufacturing flaws could easily be identified and necessary changes can be made, the reasons can also be drawn. Helps co-ordinate the manufacturing process in abetter way by mobilizing the resources efficiently and putting things in the proper and respective place.

The module comes in two flavors – Standard & Premium and is built on Microsoft.NET platform using in-house developed Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool which allows for quick customisation, implementation & third party integration.

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