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Track & Manage Stock Efficiency


PInventory provides tighter control of stock levels and allows to set complex pricing rules based on individual customers, item variations, volume and more and ensures of an efficient flow of items from production to storage to shipping. The complete integration with production and demand planning helps in maintaining optimum levels of inventory.

Stock Management
Handles stock enquiry and reservations, efficiently manage inventory and streamlines flow of goods.

Powerful solution
Reserve warehouse space for goods to be delivered with warehouse management solution.

Intuitive analysis
Forecasts your material needs and provides for inventory ageing analysis.

Effective monitoring
Supervise stock reservations for inventory items. Lists substitute items in case an item is not available in the inventory.

Auto alerts for stock below reorder levels. Automated purchase requisition to maintain minimum stock levels.

Reports allows information view about your total inventory on hand, the inventory level at a specific location.

Store bill of materials information.

Multi-location management
Manage inventory in multiple locations, provides the capabilities to choose the warehouse location that will receive or fulfill the order.


Multiple Type of Stock Handling (Perishable / Non Perishable)

Multi Units , Locations, Item Images

International or Customer Barcode

Equivalent / Substitute, Sub items

Reorder, Min. Max level controls

Stock Reservations

Internal Requisitions and Transfers

FIFO or Weighted Average Costing

Physical Count Sheets and Approved Adjustments

Support PDA Export or Import

Stock Movement Registers

Inventory Ageing

Tightly integrated with other modules

  • Stock movement

    Stock Master